Saturday, September 8, 2018

17 years of linux desktop captures

I know that this isn't a security post but I thought I would take a moment and post some screenshots of the Operating System that I had a passion for many years. I just wish I had my screen shots of the ACID, BASE and Sguil deployments through the years as well

Ever since I switched 100 percent to a linux desktop I would take screen shots just to track the progress of how it evolved. I had been using it since 1998 but it wasn't until 2001 that I was able go all in. In the beginning I had many hurdles, I was building out a large network for the company but they were stuck with Twinaxe cabling and 5250 emulation cards in old 486's. Once I switched the iseries as400 to tcp, then it became how to emulation 5250 which wasn't that bad.


Getting 5250 emulation working since I was an RPG400 and ILE programmer at the time

December 2001 

Just Playing with more setups pretty sure previous and this was Enlightenment desktop.

Feb 2004

Ximian hits the scene and playing with KDE as my desktop - resolution getting much better

July 2004

Yeah Playing with SUSE again since my first purchase of 6.2 box set in 1999. I bought the box set because I was trying my play my part in growing Linux. 

April 2005

Gentoo - enough said "emerge next-os". Funny you can see my in and outside ids terminals and snort. Only glimps at my deployments.

October 2007 

Pretty sure I was playing with Fedora at the time.

February 2009 

My first Ubuntu build with Gnome. 

May 2011

Multiple screens are just a normal life by this time, Running Ubuntu.

Just a little documented history fun hope you enjoyed the trip. 

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